💨 New in Funding: $28M for Methane Capture

13 new FoodTech Funding Rounds

👶 Texas-based Serenity Kids secured $52 million Series B funding for its baby food products with extra protein, whole foods, and less sugar and carbohydrates. It will use the funds to further expand its innovation and marketing.

💨 Windfall Bio raised $28 million Series A funding, in a round led by Prelude Ventures, to scale its methane capture and transformation solution, which helps to address methane emissions across various industries such as agriculture, oil and gas, and waste management.

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🧫 Danish startup Reshape secured $20 million Series A funding. Its robotic imaging system helps scientists track visual changes from petri dishes and similar plate formats; for example, an agriculture company could use the technology to test for seed germination rates, or a food company could perform ingredient characterisation to test for quality, freshness or how the ingredients ripen over time.

🪨 Agtech company TerraClear secured $15 million to further advance its sophisticated mechanical system that uses machine learning to remove rocks from fields, helping to improve agricultural efficiency.

🍷 Full Glass Wine, a US-based brand acquisition and management firm focused on acquiring DTC wine companies, raised $14 million Series A funding and acquired subscription-based wine service Bright Cellars.

🏭 US-based Liberation Labs secured $12.5 million to support the ongoing construction of its large-scale precision fermentation protein production facility in Indiana.

🍽️ Restaurant self-service kiosk ordering software provider Bite, based in the US, raised $9 million Series A funding to further invest in its technology capabilities, including its patented AI, Bite Lift, which analyses each order in real time to offer personalised upsell recommendations.

💦 Weenat, based in Germany, closed its Series C funding round with €8 million. Its meteorological sensors monitor the water content of soil in the root zone, helping farmers to conserve water.

🇮🇳 Gymkhana Fine Foods raised $3 million seed funding, in a round led by VC firm CAVU Consumer Partners, to bring Michelin-level Indian pantry staples to consumers.

🥘 German startup Torg raised €2.7 million seed funding for its AI-powered platform which matches food service and private label buyers with food and beverage suppliers to help streamline the product sourcing process.

🪐 London-based agtech startup Vertical Future and the University of Cambridge have been granted £1.5 million by the UK Space Agency to support the development of an autonomous environmental agriculture facility in space.

🐶 Marleybones, based in the UK, secured £900,000 seed funding in a round led by JamJar Investments. It delivers nutritious, tailor-made dog food plans directly to consumers, and is the world’s first and only dog food company with a “guaranteed net-zero plastic footprint”.

🇬🇧 British grab-and-go soup startup Re:Nourish raised £250,000 to further expand its operations, having become one of the fastest-growing brands in the fresh soup category since its inception in 2019.